The Infor CloudSuite Public Sector Essentials Program: An Introduction

Designed to address the evolving needs of small to medium-sized governments, Infor CloudSuite’s Public Sector Essentials package bundles HCM, Payroll, Financials, & Procurement into one integrated solution at an affordable price point.

The multi-tenant cloud platform allows critical operational functions to be implemented rapidly, in addition to ensuring migration from a legacy system is smooth and cost-efficient. Deploying this package on the cloud means staff can immediately begin making use of the various functionalities, not just from the office, but from anywhere they might require access to meet the needs of their constituents. With this solution for county, city, state, and federal organizations, Infor has focused on protecting your sensitive data from ransomware attacks and other threats by leveraging the world-class security systems Amazon Web Services provides as CloudSuite hosting provider.

For the next couple of weeks, RPI's public sector blog will focus on the Infor CloudSuite Public Sector Essentials Program and the various ways a government entity can benefit from its implementation. We will cover the benefits of Implementation Accelerators, how it handles security and compliance, as well as how it works for both small and large governments. Tune in each Thursday at 12:00 PM ET to keep up with this series, and check out our public sector blog for more information about the benefits of migrating to the Infor Cloud.

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