The Integration of Payroll & Finance in GHR

The last element of GHR Multi-Tenant Payroll that I want to cover is the integration between payroll and finance. Once payroll has been closed, you will have a finance interface appear, which are all the payrolls that are closed. You can see they're posted and that this interface run group has been interfaced over to finance to tie them together. After this, the general ledger interface and accounts payable import into the new system.

This process includes the general ledger transactions and accounts payable for garnishments or taxes or anything, which are automatically interfaced over to finance and accounts payable once the payroll is posted. Once this has taken place, it is up to your finance team to go ahead and post those in accounts payable to bring those invoices in for payment. The improved efficiency in this situation is that you aren’t immediately creating a manual check request and sending that information over everything is available.

Our team has several recommendations to consider when going through an implementation. The first is to involve payroll in your GHR and benefit design implementations. This is beneficial because everything touches everything and payroll is the downstream where it all ends up. When we did our design meetings, we had everybody involved so that there were no surprises once we got to parallel testing the supervisor structure. If you're using a time to tenant system, make sure that the supervisor structure is accurate for time approvals because it will be fed over for time approvals into your timekeeping system. Keeping these things top of mind and having discussions with the right people in the room is vital to a project’s success.

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