The Magic of GL Redesign

If you have taken your organization through a pre-planning exercise before migrating to a cloud-based ERP system, then you already know all the resources you need in advance of starting the project – the files, the systems, the scope, any necessary cleanup. In theory, you could internally get started on clearing any roadblocks so that you can save even more money. This implementation will require a redesign of your general ledger, which should strike excitement into the hearts of the accountants. No longer are we artificially limited by structure, nor do we need to build smart numbering. 

The GL Design is foundational to moving forward in other modules and you could be way ahead by leveraging this offering. It designs your structure, allows you test it and modify it, without the stress of a full implementation. You can leverage that hierarchy for things like security, approval routing, etc., not to mention that HR is no longer is tied to us. There is so much to rethink in GL, like the activities, project accounting, and grants. These improvements make design a big deal. What if you knew this up front and could thoughtfully put time (without a high burn rate) into design? What if there was another offering allowing you access to a CloudSuite environment where you could model the GL and ensure it was a good fit?    

When my customers say they’re planning for CloudSuite, I need to know the specifics of what they’re doing in case they are veering off track. The pre-planning engagement is reasonable for the deliverables you get, and there are a bunch. The GL design is foundational to moving forward in other modules and you could be way ahead without this offering. Peel some money away from other projects and invest a little here to get more ROI because I promise that what you spend will be rewarded at least 1.5 times in savings on your implementation. Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee this, but I would love to hear if you don’t think these extra steps add value (I also am a fan of assessments).

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