The Necessity of Clearly Defined Roles during an ERP Implementation

Recently, we’ve been highlighting the things that can constrain your time and resources for a CloudSuite project. It’s not just about implementing technology – what we're really talking about is a combination of functions, processes, and data that will transform your business processes for the better.

“In order to be successful in this transformation, you're going to need the people side of the business to cooperate and harmonize. Having well-defined project roles is one of the things you can do to assist with that, both from your implementation partner and your internal team. Although overcoming the challenge of time and resource constraints is important, I want to focus a message to leaders and managers within the organization to ready your team for a project of this magnitude. What can you do to prepare for this level of change? There are some specific variables that you can impact as a leader or a manager in preparing your organization for change, several of which I will discuss over the next few posts.

One of those variables is understanding what the next steps are at any given point in time. I would commend all those leaders and managers listening to this webinar because you're taking steps to understand what your next steps will be. I would also encourage you to listen to the experts when it comes to next steps, as well as the partners and vendors. For people who have done this many times, you should rely on the leadership of the team you're contracting with so that you can focus on the other two variables: your vision for the future & your current state.”

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