The Origins of Yoga Flexible Software

We’re going to transition away from our managed services blog series for a couple weeks to discuss our Yoga Flexible Software Suite of products, why RPI Consultants decided to develop it, and what it can do for you. Yoga Connect is where this story begins, a handy piece of software formerly known as Lawson Com Object, developed by RPI Partner Richard Stout. All of our Yoga products stem from two decades of experience in software and management consulting.

RPI realized early on that many of the most widely used enterprise solutions have gaps that need to be filled in order to maximize the value of a client’s implementation of, for example, Infor CloudSuite, or Hyland’s OnBase. We also realized that these tools need to be maintained and updated over time, and shouldn’t be treated as simple, non-evolving tools to use whenever convenient. Rather, they need to be managed with care and treated as the legitimate and necessary solutions they are. Due to this, RPI has now formalized the development of our Yoga Flexible Software Suite, treating it as we would any major project, including internal documentation, specific policies and procedures, and secure development practices.

Yoga Connect was born in an era when enterprise software was still very on-premises focused, and Software-as-a-Service wasn’t very prevalent (yet). Once Infor started making its big push towards CloudSuite, many organizations started looking for additional ways to get their entire systems into the cloud. Out of this need is where Yoga Connect 2.0 was born – a toolset that standardizes API interactions between important enterprise business applications.

And this is when the Yoga Flexible Software Suite really started to take off. Many clients of ours with on-premises solutions were struggling trying to get data to the cloud. Having a tool that is managed and monitored by an internal RPI team trained to resolve specific issues has really become a value-add for many of our clients and allows them to achieve their migration to comprehensive SaaS solutions.

RPI also realized that the Infor market is somewhat under-served in terms of a SaaS-based AP automation tool, especially one dynamic and powerful enough for our clientele: enter Yoga Content for AP. This is a modern SaaS application – and a perfect complement to any CloudSuite migration project - that brings together custom forms, workflows, multi-channel data capture, and purpose-built integration to deliver point solutions. This is just the start, but there is plenty more to dive into!

Next week, we’ll discuss some of the advantages of owning a SaaS-based AP automation solution.

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