The Purpose of Pre-Planning for Infor CloudSuite

Why would you want to pre-plan for your CloudSuite implementation? In a nutshell, these projects are complicated and disruptive to an organization’s business processes. Since this undertaking is nothing like an upgrade, you need to set yourself up to have a successful implementation. Remember, this venture will last the next twenty, twenty-five years – as you're laying the foundation, you want to make the best decisions.

This endeavor should be approached with an understanding of what your organization can gain and what areas need additional time and energy to ensure everything is right. Basically, there are two objectives: one is to get the organization ready for this effort, while the second is to decide how much can be taken on during the initial implementation phase. Unlike an upgrade, this first objective is going to require the business users to be engaged. Even though this will interrupt their everyday jobs, it will also offer them a lot of opportunities in the long run. This helps stakeholders understand what this project is and why they should be excited. Here we want to showcase the wins business users can expect from the project's end result.


The second objective revolves around determining a project scope necessary for a successful go-live. It requires really understanding the complexity of all the different areas, both in terms of your business process and W.I.C.E. ( or R.I.C.E.) components, before you determine the best way to proceed. The organization must decide how much time and resource availability they can forecast to have for project work versus how much support they might need from a partner.

What it all comes down to is that no two migrations are the same. Every single customer has very different opportunities and challenges. Because it’s not cookie cutter, it is important to look at the various nuances, hurdles and obstacles that could affect the end result. Obviously, if you recently implemented Lawson, say less than five years ago and you feel really good about your business processes and your GHR structure, this project will be less of an effort for your team as well as ours. However, if you have certain pain points you've been living with for twenty years or reporting requirements that are giving you trouble, it would be easier to avoid complications later on if all of your needs are addressed from the very beginning. Regardless of your particular history or trajectory, the appropriate level of pre-planning work sets every organization on the best foot for a successful solution launch.

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