Understanding the Total Scope of Data Correction

Last week, we introduced data correction in GHR and what some of your first steps should be. It is important to understand the total scope of the correction that you have to make. We are going to cover some things that can help you get a good idea of what the issue is that needs correction. The first thing to do is update the effective dated queue, which is done by changing an effective date and canceling a record. This is a repository for future dated approved actions. If you have a hire that's effective at the end of the month (the effective date) and it's already gone through the approvals process, then the effective dated queue is going to hold that action until that date.

At midnight of the effective date, this queue is going to update by putting into effect that action. Effective dated queue is great because sometimes you can go in and stop something from happening as long as the date has not yet passed. To get to the effective dated queue, you go to administrator and then async administrator, where there is a section called effective dated requests. If you click that, you should see, your effective dated requests under pending.

Within the effective dated queue, you'll be highlighted on a record at the top and then all associated data or updates from that action will display below. It doesn't tell you much at the top, but in the lower section, you can see company 1300, employee 13, work assignment one. Then there's some subsequent actions that were kicked off because of this update that are also going to occur when the effective date comes around. Next week, we’ll continue discussing how the effective data queue impacts the total scope of data correction in GHR.

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