Updates in the Cloud: Challenge or Advantage?

Another challenge we have on CloudSuite projects in that they are multi-tenant, so the updates are continuously coming. If this is new to you, it requires a little bit of a change in mentality. Like Keith was saying last week, when you look at potentially doing a training video, you might want to do it two months after you go live and things have settled down a little bit to prevent it from immediately becoming obsolete.

The bottom line is that the system is always changing – that's just a different way to think about adopting an enterprise application. It's been really different in the past and people have been locked into a mindset that everything needs to be ready up front. Since the road's always moving out from out of you. you need to be ready to be more flexible.

Let's talk about what someone could do today to try to address this future complication. The best thing that we can do today is to gain an understanding of what CloudSuite can do for each of your business leaders, which will allow us to understand where your organization can get some real value & wins out of CloudSuite. Start thinking about what objectives do I want to accomplish and if they are reasonable within our time and resource constraints.

I think it's shocking how many times we get into a project and they're surprised that they have to engage someone for as much time as we do. They’re asking us, "You need me for how much time? Why can't IT set this all up?”, when they should be figuring out how to backfill their staff. This process will entail big decisions, and they will all impact your organization for a long time. They need to be made by the people that are most familiar with that area of your business to be involved in making those decision. For this reason, and so many others, IT cannot do this project alone.

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