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We covered some of Yoga Content’s EDI & OCR processing capabilities last week; now, let’s look at one of the ways it can help users manage documents. When it comes to spaces where users can interact with each other within enterprise content management solutions, there are some good workflow-centric use cases that may not be handled well by Infor Process Automation (IPA) or other case management flows. Having robust options for interaction within your ECM software can help to cut out much of the email and other types of interactions that often take place before an invoice is ready to process.  

Let’s say, for example, that you need to enter an invoice into your system of record, but the purchase order is already closed. Today, IPA does not contain great way to deal with that scenario (apart from sending the invoice to your supply chain buyer and waiting for their response). Next thing you know, you have an email chain with a bunch of people all trying to figure out how an invoice got into the system. Here is a perfect scenario where Yoga Content can streamline that pre-interface workflow and better handle documents so they can be posted to Infor without additional workflow. 

Rather than needing to keep track of a bunch of emails, there is a robust comment system built into Yoga Content. A user can type notes in the comment area and route them, and the entire comment history is included when that information is exported to Infor CloudSuite FSM. If a vendor calls to figure out why it is taking so long to pay an invoice, a user can see the entire comment history and internal conversation from those invoice notes. This view allows us to understand the background of an invoice without having to dig through Outlook or trying to recall how an issue was solved two months ago. Conveniently, all the history lives in that Infor record, which is also where your permanent ERP and document storage systems are located. 

That wraps it up for this blog series! Thank you for joining us and we hope to see you back here for a new Content & Process Automation topic next week. 

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