What does an HCM data migration with Infor look like?

If you choose to embark on a data migration, that is something that you or your partner would schedule with Infor. Whoever is going to do that would need to get it on Infor's calendar ASAP. What we've been seeing so far is that they usually need about a four to six week lead time, so you don't need to schedule it now if you want to do something at the beginning of next year. They'll also give you a migration checklist to go over and make sure the data coming over is clean.

Since this process will involve some mapping tables, you want to work with a partner who understands the structure of v11 and can help you map the data. This is especially true for data points that might not necessarily move straight into another field, or when you have to capture things in user fields or some custom tables, programs, or forms. You should keep track of these throughout the process to ensure they are being mapped over.

Next, there's a questionnaire that Infor will give you to help guide all of this along. It gives them some demographic data to help them understand the project before deciding what the timing should be right after the migration happens. It's a pretty quick process, probably two or three days or a weekend after all of the mapping and the hard work. That takes a little bit longer.

Finally there's the data validation, which is when they do your table and field counts for you. It's just you going in there and ensuring that what you see in there is what you expect to see and the data in there looks correct, which you can do either through a spot check or your own data validation protocol.  A lot of our clients are already either on a single tenant or on-premises GHR. RPI uses Infor data migration services to get them up to the multi-tenant environment to do payroll or any other applications. Others clients find themselves in the midst of things, but haven't accomplished their goals, so we handle the conversion process to allow for some transformation.

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