What does pre-planning mean for the customer?

As a customer, you might be wondering what pre-planning means for you and your organization. In summary, the ultimate reason a client does this engagement is to have a project that goes well. First, they want to reduce the risk for the organization of the project going sideways. Second, they are ensuring that they’re set up to make foundational decisions for their back office operations for the next twenty or twenty-five years.

When looking at CloudSuite, it is a very exciting solution with tremendous opportunities that a client can continuously make improvements on for a long time. However, getting those core decisions right for an organization will have a long-term impact on what the solution can do in the future. Those same decisions will also dictate what kind of buy-in will be available from the super-users and users in the organization, both today and in the future. You want to implement a system well and create a culture that's going to leverage those benefits moving forward. This foundation will help set your organization up to be in a better position to achieve those outcomes.

Pre-planning means the client will have a better idea of how to resource their CloudSuite implementation with their team and business areas, as well as on the partner side. Ultimately, it will reduce the potential risk of a project going over budget or over timeline, something that would put the objective in jeopardy. When a project starts to go over, it’s common to start jettisoning the requirements and simplifying what a client is looking to achieve. Because this implementation is a generational move, we don't want them to have to compromise on anything. We want to make their CloudSuite dreams to come true!

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