What is Infor CloudSuite Pre-Planning?

Pre-Planning is a service from RPI Consultants designed to assist our customers in planning for a successful v11 CloudSuite migration engagement. In this series, we’re going to talk about what it is and why you should do it, how you go about doing it, and what the outcomes are of it. Pre-planning is the exercise that we go through before starting a CloudSuite implementation project. It’s about setting up your scope and timeline, as well as the constraints that go into forming a project. This phase occurs at the beginning of engagement to help you set up the necessary infrastructure for the implementation; in turn, this helps you determine the breadth of the project before selecting a partner, allowing you to get more value for your consultant dollar.

Pre-planning is an optional exercise, and while it provides tremendous value, software implementations have obviously occurred without it. Because it’s done before the full apparatus of a project gets rolling, you have the time to figure out the specific criteria for your organization. This stage of the project is absolutely critical for CloudSuite implementation, and we believe it's very important that it rolls directly into the design phase. There is not a large gap of time in between a planning phase and the rest of implementation, so you have a certain flexibility with a pre-planning engagement because it's fairly compartmentalized.

In our next blog, we’ll be drilling down into why it is important to pre-plan for a CloudSuite implementation. Other topics we will be covering in this series include (but are not limited to): the ways an organization can prepare for a pre-planning event, key deliverables from RPI’s offering, the scope and approach of this project, various types of data conversion, Infor migration and security tools, and how to maintain existing flows. New content will be posted every week and we are always open to topic suggestions or questions, so be sure to subscribe to our blog and follow us on LinkedIn.

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