What makes implementing GHR Payroll different than previous versions?

If there is one takeaway you have from our CloudSuite HCM blog, it's not to wait until S3 is decommissioned to begin preparing for the upgrade to v11. So that you understand the level of effort required, let's use a basic company structure as an example of what a migration project looks like. Let's say the migration is for GHR Payroll with Absence Management (AM) for roughly 8,000 employees at a 43-week timeline. You could potentially cut some of that time out if AM is not being implemented along with Payroll, or if you have another time and attendance system already in place.

The difference between your GHR v11 project and others is that the Payroll parallels are more in depth than what was done during GHR. That is because we want to make sure that everything is calculating correctly before we flip it on. There's a lot of regulatory and compliance taxing calculations that we didn't have to test back then. All of the extra testing that has to take place is what creates the biggest change for our customers.

We mitigate this change with training events for running payroll scattered throughout the project which help your team get familiar with the new application. The good thing is it really is so intuitive that you don't need a ton of training -  it's not like you're learning a brand new system. Regardless, you will have the opportunity to touch the system multiple times before you would go live. Because your end users will be so heavily involved in this project, it's not hard to see some of the benefits of having all those people at the table during the discovery and design sessions, so make sure those resources are available and can dedicate time to the project.

Next week, we'll discuss what the project itself looks like and some of the responsibilities of your project team.

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