What Managed Services Could Be Is Up to You!

Lately, we’ve been discussing what is not managed services, so now let’s take a moment to dive into what it is and what it can do for you. Ultimately, it’s up to you in terms of how you want to approach your managed services contract. One of the biggest features of our managed services offering here at RPI Consultants is on-demand support. Not only does this guarantee that you know who to contact for issues, but also eliminates scope concerns and the need to contact multiple vendors if you, for example, run into an interface issue. Whenever there’s a problem with the supported software, whether it be Perceptive Content or something else, RPI Consultants will fix it, and fix it quickly! 

A big draw for many people is remote system administration. We have several clients who use an RPI consultant as their primary ECM or ERP administrator. This person takes care of everything from patch maintenance, to adding users, to specifying approval levels, to even performing Tier 1 help desk support such as resetting passwords or creating user accounts. 

Another important thing that managed services can help you achieve is overall system optimization. Most software implementations, especially large and complicated ones with an OCR component, require some level of continuous maintenance and improvement for the best possible long-term results. There are only so many enhancements that can be performed during an initial implementation. Also, there is really no substitute for your employees working from the live system environment for several months to identify which changes you would like to see. It is at this point that having managed services to quickly make these changes a reality is especially valuable. 

Please join us again next week as we discuss the user training component of our managed services offering! 

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