What to Know Ahead of a Data Migration for v11 CloudSuite

Let's talk about data migration. Infor does offer data migration services where they take information from single-tenant Cloud to move it to the multi-tenant. They take information from your ERP system, and if your payroll application is on a third party system that is not a loss in system, that will also be migrated from loss in S3.

This situation is a like for like - you take your data, take your history and move it straight into the Cloud. There's some data manipulation, some mapping, and they will move it into the multi-tenant business class structure for you. You can think about that as one of the tools that you have in your toolbox when you're getting ready to do this. Do we want do a data migration, versus do we want to do a tricking version after doing some manipulation and transformation of our organizational structure?

There are several pros and cons to doing something like this. One of the pros is that this is a service that Infor offers to make it a lot easier, meaning you're not doing data conversion. On the other hand, if there is any data transformation that you want to make, like if you are doing this in conjunction with your Global HR and your FSM or CSF applications and you've changed a lot of your financial chart, or you've changed a lot of your jobs and positions which could perhaps affect your pay codes and deduction codes, you could be in for some trouble with this approach. Or even if you just want to take an opportunity to do some cleaning and standardization of your pay codes and deduction codes, this will not work.

As we have mentioned plenty of times before, you have to move to the Cloud to take advantage of v11 payroll or GHR payroll. RPI has a pre-planning engagement that does help you understand how to best utilize the available workshops and what could be ported over. You also get some deliverables, a written report with a scope and approach, an organizational profile with all the information that was gathered from the discovery period. It's a good bit of information that will help you tackle that move and get you over to the Cloud so you're able to take advantage of those applications.

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