Why Research is Important Ahead of an ERP Implementation

To be as prepared for a CloudSuite implementation as possible, one thing you can do today is your own independent research. You can definitely engage with a partner because we're here to offer our services and our expertise, but it is also beneficial to talk to other customers and ask them what their experience was like. You’ll hear about projects taking anywhere from "18 months" to "two years," as well as stories about huge projects that were really resource dependent, so you can figure out where you might fall based on what your organization is trying to accomplish.

We are well past clients being early adopters and are instead dealing with those in the middle of the pack now. This means there are plenty of other organizations to talk to that have been through this. Now, some customers are getting information that maybe isn't always accurate. Although they should be, not every system selector and RFP manager is up to date, even though lot of this information is publicly available.

If you do engage a partner, we'd like you to consider our pre-planning engagement, which has been greatly helpful to our customers in achieving a successful outcome. This is an opportunity to figure out what those wins are, what that scope is, what the overall project goals look like, as well as define the scope of what a successful outcome looks like to you. When you already know your timeline, resource requirements, and budgetary constraints, then you can plan accordingly and avoid surprises.

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