Why You Should Care About Global HR Payroll

Let's talk through what a CloudSuite HCM project looks like from the perspective of the implementation partner. RPI has been involved at executive management level on a lot of them, so we've seen what helps a project become successful, what the common roadblocks are, and some of the things you can do today to help you get there. We're also going to address the why, what, where, when, who, and how of moving to the multi-tenant cloud.

Why should you even care about Global HR Payroll? You've got a S3 Payroll system today, or maybe another payroll system that's also working great. If it's not broken, most organizations don't want to spend the money to "fix" it. It's not really a fix though, is it? It's a move to a more modern user face, as well as an investment in future efficiency. As people accustomed to working on webpages or using our phones, these are technologies with graphical interfaces that we don't necessarily have in S3 Payroll. All that stuff was built back in the seventies and didn't change much because there wasn't a problem with how it worked.

We've got new enhancements, which are really old enhancements. It's everything that you used to put into Lawson back in the day plus everything you wished worked differently with Infor. It used to be that every once in a while, there would be an enhancement, but probably not the one that you asked for or wanted. Now that has all been taken care of - the issues with complaints or things not working as smoothly or as efficiently as you would like have been heard.

All of the desired functionalities have been put into the new product. It's fully integrated with the FSM and GHR products. Right now, if you are on GHR or the new FSM, you are using the interface that goes back and forth (the LT11 & LT111 screens). With FSM, you're using the Global Financial Controller. Where there were just a couple of extra clunky steps in the middle to get payroll running and reconciled, all of that goes away with the combination into one cohesive system.

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