Yoga Content: A SaaS Solution with Out-of-the-Box Infor CloudSuite FSM Integration

When it comes to AP automation solutions, there are a variety of options available to choose from. Some of these are cloud-hosted software, which is not necessarily the same as cloud-native, and requires additional administration that your organization may not have expertise in. A lot of these applications were written for client server-based architecture, meaning that larger software companies are basically hosting their legacy systems in the cloud, which is not ideal.

To counteract this issue, our team felt it was important to make Yoga Content a SaaS-native product. Not only would this allow for auto-scaling as needed by the application, but building it multi-tenant from the start was always part of our vision to future-proof it and take advantage of the latest technology options.

Yoga Content is highly adaptable to the way you work, and includes premium support by a team of RPI experts. The user-friendly HTML5 interface features customizable workflows, forms, integration, and automation, along with the ability to easily create custom REST APIs and integrations. As a SaaS solution with out-of-the-box Infor integration, you can rest assured that your software and data adhere to the highest standards of security and disaster recovery. In terms of compliance, Yoga Content boasts SSO - SAML 2.0 and OAuth enabled with Azure AD, is SOC 2 & HIPPA compliant, and is CSA STAR Level 1.

Years of work have finally culminated into this year’s launch of Yoga Content, and while we're so excited for this to finally be available, we are still continuing to grow this product, every single day. We hope you will also join us next week, when we’ll further discuss AP automation and how it fits with various product umbrellas.

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